Your 2020 Dream Life is Waiting

now, if there was only a way you could find it ....

 Of course, you could start with the usual New Year's kind of things. You know like....

Or you can just keep rolling that ball up the hill.

Don't you think it's time this year was different? As in, maybe, not so hard.

You don't have to turn yourself into a pretzel at the start of the New Year


  • You recommit to working harder, setting better, more difficult goals
  • You think of all the meditating, yoga, tapping and NLP you'll start this year
  • You set up a gym membership or start exercising, cleaning all the chips and cookies out of the pantry
  • You look at your flaws, failings and make resolutions to change your flawed, imperfect self
  • You tsk tsk tsk yourself for having too much stuff and having such a mess of it...just look at that drawer
  • You tell yourself that this year WILL be different, that YOU will be different


Haven't you had enough New Years that start with big decisions, big goals and only to find that instead of feeling relieved by it, you felt pressured, imperfect and like you weren't enough at the start of every new year?

You know....the whole New Year, New YOU thing?

What if this year you started off feeling perfect just as you are. Right here. Right now.  

Instead of diet and exercise, what if you were to....

Buy yourself some flowers

Do a little decorating around the house

Move some furniture around

Just kicked back and relaxed

Plan a vacation

Schedule a massage

What if you could just RELAX into the New Year?

Goals are Great and Resolutions are Wonderful  


Achieving the life you want each year doesn't depend on your diet, whether you run a marathon, declutter every closet and have every drawer organized, or pare your possessions down to a hard chair and a potato peeler.

I mean, what is it that's really all you're ever looking for at the start of the New Year anyway? Maybe some....

Love....and a little happiness.

The Success Pack will show you where -- and when -- you can find love, ignite more romance, improve your social life and enjoy your relationships in the Year of the Rat. 

Find out where and how to activate the love star for more intimacy, happiness and joy in your life for things like travel, communication, building friendships and making life pleasurable.

Money....maybe a vacation or some spending money for some fun

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can improve the thread count of your sheets and help you take a vacation. Who wants to clip coupons forever? No one. Having extra money means you can enjoy things like shopping or eating out more often. 

The Success Pack will tell you where the money energy is in your home and how to tap into it, month after month, so you can enjoy the year more.

Reasonably the six pack abs might be missing, but you just want to feel good, look good and stay that way

It's true that health is wealth, just ask someone who's fighting the flu. You'll learn where you need to watch out for your health and when you could have troubles. You want to know what to expect this year and each month. You got it. Your well-being is a priority in the Success Pack.


Well, whaddya know? There IS a book.

The 2020 Feng Shui Year of the Rat Success Pack puts all those details in one convenient place so you can have an awesome year and all without having to fit your legs behind your head, work like a dog, or give away all your belongings. 

It tells you everything you need to know about the year -- where to find love, opportunity, more money and happiness -- so you can go into the New Year easily, without worry, secure and not starting out feeling like you have to reinvent yourself.

You can easily work with your feng shui by adding a plant, or a clock, a bowl of oranges, maybe a pretty bouquet of flowers.

It really doesn't have to be hard. 

"I was at my lowest point in life three years ago when I first started practicing feng shui. I had no job, my marriage was suffering, I had to complete my education, I had no money and most of all, I had no respect in my family. I felt like a total loser. I was asking myself, why is this happening, why am I suffering so much? I saw it as a blessing that the first thing that popped up on my computer screen while searching for these answers was the Red Lotus Letter website.  

I bought my first Success Pack in 2015. The Success Packs are like a protective book, a dictionary I had to go back and check on any problem that comes through the year, so I can know how to handle it. Three years and I have had so much change for the better – for me, my husband, and my family. I am amazed, and the journey continues. Thank you Katie, for your Success Packs and all the articles and tips and helping me in my life. Finding you was a blessing! Thanks a million!"

DEEPTI VIJAYAN, Ontario, Canada  

2020 is Completely Outlined for You in The 2020 Year of the Rat Feng Shui Forecast SUCCESS PACK

The 2020 Success Pack is an annual step-by-step guide to help you launch the year of your dreams every year that's high on practicality and low on mumbo-jumbo.


Here's everything you get in the Success Pack

  • The 2020 Year of the Rat Forecast e-Book
  • The House Facing Direction Luck Analysis for all house directions
  • Full Annual Feng Shui Report with a sector by sector analysis  
  • Important Disaster 5 and 2 Star location tables for each month to track the serious energies in 2020 (use this to highlight the months when the 5/2 and 9/5 stars come to your bedroom or front door) 
  • 8 Wealth Star Locations for the entire year to tap the wealth in every corner of your home 
  • Bedroom Luck Analysis -- this important section explains what you need to know for each bedroom location and its effect on your feng shui  
  • 2020 Forecast Audio -- You'll receive an audio file you can listen to immediately with this MP3 download that fills you in on all the details of the year ahead that you can listen to on your smartphone, car, or computer. 
  • BONUS 2020 Facebook Live -- FengShui INSIDERS Gold Members will receive an invitation to a Facebook LIVE event where you can see me talk about the year ahead -- and take your questions live on Facebook. The event will be recorded so you can watch as often as you like.  

PLUS You Also Receive My Popular ACTION GUIDE - Your Personal Feng Shui WORKBOOK that includes...

  • A full year of Full New Moon wishes worksheets to write your wishes each month that includes the dates and times of each month’s New Moons.  
  • Your Annual Goals Sheets – with PERSONAL VISION and GOALS PLANNERS to keep you on track all year.  
  • Your Personal Mastery Sheet to help you identify the three areas that prevent your success.  
  • Financial Mastery Sheet to help you become the master of your financial destiny.  
  • A FULL Year of Monthly Flying Star movements -- so you know EXACTLY when to take action in your life.  
  • Your Home's Feng Shui Action Plan -- pinpoint the EXACT areas in your home and life you want to improve.

Want my personal help with your feng shui? 

I'm here for you every month, all year long, and online. 

The FengShui Insider is a membership program that offers you my most requested feng shui offerings, like...

Timely New Moon Notices. 

The New Moon notices will be sent directly to you so you never miss the chance to make your New Moon wishes. I'll send you the notices straight to your email inbox a few days before the New Moon so you'll never miss out on making your wishes for the month. ($27 VALUE)

Monthly Flying Star Updates. 

Energy changes -- and you need to know this.

I'll send emails directly to your inbox on the 1st of every month and always include details on what to expect, how to minimize problems and accentuate good fortune stars. Valuable insights and warnings help you stop problems from occurring and create new opportunities for love, opportunities, and improved income. My INSIDERS love how they can stay in the know about what to expect in the month ahead! ($27 VALUE)

Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes. 

Ever wondered what your month looked like personally? These monthly horoscopes will go out each month to update every zodiac sign on what to expect for love, money and health. All Feng Shui Insiders will find out each month what their sign needs to know to make the most of each month for their zodiac sign and exactly how to dodge any problems. ($27 VALUE)

BONUS Secret Facebook Group for Insider GOLD Members. 

The Secret Facebook page is only for FengShu Insider Gold Members.This page gives you a forum to talk about feng shui with other INSIDERS and interact with me. I also host twice monthly Q&A's with you and Facebook Live calls where you can ask me questions and I can talk with you about feng shui. I'll also post feng shui tips and reminders throughout each week. You'll also be able to get all your New Moon notices and wish guides as well as Montly Flying Star changes right there on the Facebook Page -- so you never have to miss one in your email again! ($127 VALUE)

Hear What FengShui INSIDER Gold Members Have to Say

I LOVE my #FSInsiderGold membership. Not only does Katie Weber pop in to share her wisdom during Facebook Live videos, but the community is incredibly helpful for all those FS questions that you can't Google....the questions you don't realize you have until you go to put your remedies or enhancements in place! It provides invaluable help and support all year long as the energies change from month to month. Also, a GREAT place to share WINS and SUCCESSES and garner support during more challenging transitions. --Andy Spyros What an amazing group #FSInsiderGold truly is. Everyone is so caring and willing to share their feng shui knowledge. Plus, Katie's advice and suggestions are top notch. Thank you all. I'm so grateful that I'm a member of this fantastic team :) --Sarves Govind My #FSInsiderGold membership has been truly invaluable this year. It's wonderful to be able to connect with others and ask questions about feng shui directions and practices.Thank you Katie Weber for adding the "Gold" experience and giving so much of yourself to this project. I will gladly renew next year ----Sherri Duffy Beregovoy This is my third purchase of the #FSInsiderGold membership though I have been seeking Katie’s guidance for much longer. This group has been my guide to everything be it financial, spiritual, family, relationships, marital. Katie and this group are a pot of gold for all of us. This group is more than family-- someone is always listening and ready to answer when you need help. Love, love, love, this group. --Rachel Susan Palmer I've read some articles, used the free tools, downloaded a few books, but nothing compares to #FSInsiderGold. The content available makes even the most beginner of beginners confident in Feng Shui principles. The online group gives us first hand support on real world, day-to-day activities, and hosts a wonderful community of members who are ready to cheer you on, provide support and help you every step of the way. --Verenise DiSalvi 

I love being a part of such a close, supportive #FSInsiderGold group. Not only do we help answer one another's questions, but the members are involved and concerned for each other. How nice to know that if there is something not working for us, that we can post our issue and everyone who feels they can help responds. Where else can you go for such TLC? We owe you, Katie, for creating a safe place to learn and grow together. --Sheilah Kernan  

I would definitely purchase the #FSInsiderGold again to have this resource. The group is amazing. Katie is very responsive and friendly, and my mind has been opened to so many different aspects of feng shui. I have learned so much from joining this group, more than I could have learned by myself.-- Samantha Sousa  

Being in the #FSInsiderGroup is a great experience because you’re in a Feng Shui bubble. You can ask anything you want be it a question, concern or need and there will be a group with answers and encouragement. Katie follows the posts and comments when needed as well. Her Live Videos are full of information and excitement! -- Mary Somersett Benton  

#FSInsiderGold is Pure Gold!! It’s my hotline! Even if I can’t always be active, I know this amazing community, led so well by Katie, is there, whenever I need Feng Shui help. Katie with her warm and open nature, has created one of the most supportive and informative groups ever. I have trusted Katie Weber for my annual Feng Shui for the past 10 years. Will never be without that and this group. Katie is active and hands on in the group and hence seems to attract helpful nice people. An invaluable community to belong to. -- Puja Kashyap  

I am happy I selected the #FSInsider Gold Membership. I have expanded my knowledge and connections in Feng Shui and Katie’s live videos are extremely valuable and my favorite part about them is we discuss Feng Shui in real time about what is going on in today’s world.--Adrianna Garza 

What makes feng shui work like magic?

Feng shui isn't magic -- it just works that way.  

But that’s why you’ll love my Success Pack -- it's super practical. It tells you exactly what you need to do for your home, your bedroom, your zodiac sign. It's all spelled out so simply and easily, in real terms anyone can relate to. 

And when you follow the recommendations you'll see why things are EASIER in life and why stuff just seems to "magically" fall into place. This is the secret.  

There's no big emphasis on buying 73 different figurines every year, or for every member of your household. You won't have to fill up your house with special magical items. In fact, many items I recommend are ones you find easily just about anywhere, and you can use them over and over every year. 

The Success Pack gives you everything you need to make huge strides in your life, and create a year of massive gains, without another major investment in trinkets with a bunch of stuff that looks weird and clutters up your house.

Nadiya Shah


Why buy the Red Lotus Letter Success Pack?

Because I want things to be better for you this year. EASIER with more JOY, and enjoyment!

Life is for living, and enjoying, not enduring. 

That just drains you of your life, your energy, and your JOY.  

It's time you had some of what makes life worth living, isn't it?  

I think it's way past time you had some security and peace of mind AND enjoyment out of life.  

That's why I write the feng shui forecast each year.  

And I don't make you search for everything in multiple places or buy bunches of specialty items and cures that change every single year.  

It's all simple, easy stuff you can find just about anywhere. 

Easy. Straightforward. That's the way to start the New Year. 


I have personally used feng shui to create an amazing feng shui life.  

That's what I call working with energy...this way I can RELAX into the New Year, not have to reinvent myself, change my whole life or declutter my way into a spartan existance.

Believe me, I know what living with next to nothing means.

If you subscribe to my weekly e-zine, The Red Lotus Letter, you know how just over a year ago I gave away all my possessions, moved to Mexico with my husband, two dogs and what could fit in our car.  

Then nine months later, we moved back. 

We bought a new house, all new furniture, and, yes, all new clothes, too. I renovated the house, added new landscaping, and managed to go on four vacations, all because I follow the plan every year that annual feng shui lays out.  

Most people think that I am simply rich, lucky or that I'm amazingly hard-working.  

Well, I can work hard, but I just follow the annual feng shui to tap into love, health, opportunity, prosperity and travel every year.  

Yes, I use feng shui to make my travel dreams come true.  

Oh, and I did I mention I have a son in college, so that's a hefty bill to pay right there, and he's going to school and getting his education, and all on cash and without borrowing or taking out hefty student loans.  

Recently, I’ve used feng shui to help me book a two week vacation to Venice and Paris, with a week in an ultra-luxury hotel. We toured the Champagne region, visited Versailles, ate like royalty -- and were treated that way, too.

Feng shui helps me invest in the stock market (using my own feng shui advice, which I talk about in the Success Pack), make my vacation plans come true, bring me opportunity and, in short, feng shui helps me CREATE the life I want to live year in and year out.

 Your 2020 Dream Life is Waiting

The 2020 Success Pack is here to help you find it this year with more ease and less work

You get everything you need for the year ahead in the Success Pack -- a whole year's worth of feng shui, month by month, house by house, sign by sign. 

In one place.

So, let's recap everything you get in the 2020 Year of the Rat Success Pack

#1. 2020 Feng Shui Forecast e-Book ($97 value)  

Almost 200 pages of details on all the energies for 2020 and what to expect, how to handle negative energy, and how to tap the WEALTH, prosperity, and FAME and ROMANCE energy for the year.  

As part of the Success Pack, you also receive the ACTION GUIDE and a 2020 AUDIO FILE to listen to in your car, while walking or exercising. The Success Pack is so much more than just an e-book!  

Wondering how to diagram your house? Or, how should you prepare for the Chinese New's all in my Feng Shui Reference Manual -- a valuable book of tables, dates and details and tools that comes with EVERY Success Pack purchase, so there's no guess work to understand your zodiac sign, find your kua number or what to do when you can't activate a portion of your house -- it's all in the Reference Manual.

#2. Your 2020 House Luck & Bedroom Analysis ($27 value)  

What can you expect for you home and the energy this year? This section of the Forecast helps you to plan and know what to expect…. it’s a powerful report for all 8 house facing directions. This explains what to expect for the year and how to go about handling the good, the bad, and the REALLY GREAT energy that makes you wealthy, famous, and attractive to others. Read both the FACING and SITTING direction analyses for your home to get an even greater understanding of the energies facing your home this year and how to make the most of the Year of the Rat.

#3. FENG SHUI FOR 2020 FREE Audio Download ($47 value)  

When you buy my annual forecast, you’ll also receive an audio download. I'll share with you on an MP3 all the details about the Year of the Rat and how to make the most of all the energies of the year ahead in an audio form. We'll send you a link to download the audio so you can listen to it in your car, or at work and get the full scoop on making the most of the year head. Listen to it all year long for more insights and help on making this a brilliant year and helping you to stay in top of everything you need to know.  

#4. House Renovation Charts Help You See Your Home's Luck at a Glance ($27 value)  

Each year the Annual Feng Shui Forecast Success Pack comes with an ANNUAL FENG SHUI chart, the RENOVATIONS AFFLICTIONS chart, and the ANNUAL AFFLICTIONS TABLE. These give you the feng shui of the year at a glance. Best of all, you can print them and see IMMEDIATELY and INSTANTLY where all the energies fall in your home.


By now the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has become a pandemic. This year's illness energies are especially potent. Having knowledge of where the illness energies are located in your home will help you to use feng shui to boost your home's health chi and money luck. 

The Success Pack has been reduced up to 90% off to help you arm yourself with as much information as possible about how to boost your home's health, financial and relationship energy. 

It's Time to LOCK IN your LUCK for the Year.

If you'd like feng shui advice you can count on, have it all in one place, and you want to be updated every month as the New Moon and Flying Stars change -- and for the whole year -- buy the 2020 Year of the Rat Feng Shui Forecast SUCCESS PACK.  

You Receive Over $200 in Value with every Success Pack

This is a digital product



This annual forecast has important feng shui information about health and illness in 2020. The usual price is $47 and $67 for the Success Pack and Success Pack INSIDER which include monthly email reminders about energy changes that can help you stay up to date. This year there is an exceptional illness energies at work so the price has been lowered to help you understand your home and how the illness energies can affect you and your family. In order to make this information as readily available as possible, the prices have been lowered to $4.97 and $9.97. 


Sold Out





  • e-Book 2020 Feng Shui Forecast  
  • ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists 
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2020 


  • e-Book 2020 Feng Shui Forecast  
  • ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists 
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2020 
  • 1 FREE BONUS -- Year of the Rat Quick Start Guide

Plus these benefits:

  • Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
  • Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes Emails 


  • e-Book 2020 Feng Shui Forecast  
  • ACTION GUIDE workbook with12 Months of flying star, Goals Lists, and New Moons Wish Lists 
  • Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2020

Plus these benefits:

  • Timely Monthly New Moon Reminder Emails  
  • Monthly Email Flying Star Reminder Emails 
  • Monthly Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes Emails 


Membership in the Feng Shui INSIDERS GOLD Secret Facebook Page. A private forum to talk with me and other insiders, as well as all Flying Star Monthly Updates, Monthly New Moon Wish Reminders, Live Q&As monthly and feng shui tips and offers. 

2020 Feng Shui LIVE webinar where you can ask questions and hear all the details about the Year of the Rat -- LIVE on Facebook with me!

The Success Pack is written by Kathryn Weber. It is a digital product.